Davening, Prayer, and Tefillah

In depth Halachic, Chassidic, and Mystical Insights

by Rabbi Moshe Kesselman

In these series of classes, Rabbi Kesselman, goes through each part of Davening (tefillah or Jewish Prayer), and explains the plain simple meaning and then explains the deep, chassidic, kabbalistic aspect of each part. He often spends a whole lecture to explain one line of davening. He explains the process involved in preparing for tefillah and the state of mind a person should be in before he starts to pray. The kavanot, intentions, and the meditations a person should have during prayer and davening are explained. When a Jew is praying, it is a time of war with the animal soul, yetzer hara. The goal of Davening and praying is to bring the animal soul to a state where it loves and fears G-d. If the person is successful, the animal soul starts to understand and like G-dliness.