Learn to Read Hebrew

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It is difficult to learn to read Hebrew alone. It is hard to know what each letter or word is suppose to sound like and often a person who already knows how to read Hebrew is required to make sure that the words are being pronounced correctly. This program combines the usual text for reading Hebrew with an audio portion for teaching Hebrew. On the left side of the page there is an audio menu. The top part of the menu is a quick reference guide. By clicking each letter a quick summary of what each Hebrew letter sounds like is heard. Below that there is a section for practice pages. By clicking each Hebrew letter a page opens that displays that Hebrew letter in combination with other letters for practicing. An audio button is at the top of each page that allows you to play the audio portion of each page so that you know how learn how each letter or word sounds like. A special thanks to Mendel Shusterman for providing the audio portion of this program.



Learn to Read Hebrew Online Free