Chumash and Torah Classes

by Rabbi Yosef Shusterman

The sages tell us that the torah is G-d's infinite knowledge. The question is if G-d's knowledge is infinite, how can something infinite be placed in something finite, the written torah. This is why the sages have said that you can come to appreciate G-d's greatness in his humbleness. G-d is not only the ultimate level of infinite, but he also has the characteristic of finite. If one was to say that G-d is only infinite and not finite then G-d is being limited to not being finite. The truth is that G-d is above both finite and infinite. Therefore G-d can create something that is both finite and infinite. The written torah is finite, but it contains G-d's knowledge which is infinite. The Torah is compared to water. Water that goes from a high place to a low place is unchanged. It is the same water in both places. G-d's knowledge is the same; it is the same exact thing before and after it comes into the torah. By studying the torah, a person's mind becomes united with G-d's knowledge which is infinite. At the same time, since the torah is infinite one can never finish studying the torah. This is partially illustrated in Rabbi Shusterman's classes. Each line is explained extensively with citations from multiple commentaries and the chassidic interpretation of each line.